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Reebok Survey: Humans Exercise Less Than One Percent Every Day

With warmer days fast approaching, looking good while feeling good are top priorities for most. And daily exercise can help provide both, yet participation is lacking. It’s a reason why Reebok took on the responsibility to investigate just how many of us participate in daily exercise. Sadly, the number is concerning.

The alarming discovery is part of Reebok’s international survey on how we spend our time on earth, which is an estimated 25,915 days. Reebok partnered with Censuswide—a global consultant company—and analyzed nine countries on how much time a person would spend exercising throughout their life. The results: people only spend 0.69% percent of their time exercising or 180 days of the 25,915 estimated average life days. Yan Martin, vice president of brand management at Reebok says, “As a brand dedicated to promoting and supporting health and fitness around the world, we felt compelled to shine a light on the disparities between what we may aspire to achieve and what we’re willing to do about it.”

To further emphasize the lack of daily exercise, Reebok also analyzed how much time we spend on technology devices—and the numbers are greater than that of daily exercise. According to the study, 41 percent of a person’s life is spent on technology. That’s 10,625 days out of the projected 25,915 days. Even though both numbers are worrisome, daily physical activity is easy to practice. Taking the stairs over the elevator or walking your dog count as daily exercise. Martin continues, “This study will hopefully help to push and inspire people to do more. Run an extra lap, climb a few extra stairs—it could mean one more lap of the earth by the time your 25,195 days are up.”

The reasoning behind the various studies surrounding 25,195 days is that Reebok is launching a women's brand campaign, called “25,915 Days.” Reebok’s hope with the campaign is to inspire people worldwide to be more physically active by taking advantage of how much time we all have on earth.

Check out the “25,915 Days’” video above.

Other interesting facts:

  • We spend 29.75% of our lives sitting down, either at work or at home.

  • We spend 6.8% of our lives socializing with those who we love.

  • The average person will break a New Year’s resolution after 2.72 months.

  • Americans spend the most money on fitness, $16.05 per week.

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